Air fryers may be the hottest appliance, but they aren't the most important. The Coral UV sterilizer and dryer should have a place on your tabletop.

We are all painfully aware of the need to sanitize and wear masks, but what about germs on items like keys, cellphones, wallets, baby bottles, kitchenware and small toys?

If they can fit inside the Coral UV's 10- by 8- by 7.5-inch interior, then its two ultraviolet lamps are intense enough to eliminate 99.9% of germs in 10 minutes, according to Coral UV. Items made with plastics, glass or silicone are listed as safe.

In addition to sterilization, the contents are dried in warm temperatures in 40 to 70 minutes. (Times will vary depending on the contents.)

Using the Coral UV sterilizer is as simple as opening the cover, loading your items, closing the cover and pressing a button. When the lid is closed and the UV lamps are on, an indicator glows blue.

A safety feature shuts off the lamps when the cover is open, and any remaining time will continue when it's closed. The UV light bulbs need to be changed every 12 months and the filter every three months.

The device comes with a stainless steel basket, three extra HEPA filters, a lamp replacement tool and a screwdriver (, $150).