We first saw this being chatted about Thursday morning on Twitter, later realizing it was getting a boost from a post on Deadspin.

The gist: A dad is working on getting free stuff from baseball teams for his son, a 20-month-old named Mason. Per the dad’s blog:

I decided to contact all 30 MLB teams on behalf of my 20 month old son, Mason. I simply sent an email to the franchise and asked if they would be nice enough to send him a fan pack. I also included a photo of Mason in my email. I will be tracking the results in this blog and handing out letter grades for each franchise. Feel free to contact me with any questions.

He’s heard back from seven teams so far. Maybe it’s a little odd that a dad wants free stuff from EVERY team, but if they are keepsakes for a son he hopes will be a baseball fan someday … maybe not too weird? The problem seems to be with the rankings.

When you ask for free stuff, you are at the mercy of the giver. And anything given is a bonus — something that should be valued. Instead, the dad gives pretty high marks to teams that give him a big haul, but then does this:

Only took a week to receive our letter back from the pale hoes.Pretty basic stuff here (2) 2015 schedules, a letterto thank us for the support and a sticker. FINAL GRADE FOR THE CHICAGO WHITE SOX: C-.
The only team of the seven that doesn’t give him anything, the Mets, gets an F. This project would have been much better without the grades.

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