Established in 1908, the Glendale Club was once a hunting and fishing club about an hour from the Twin Cities.

The club lives on in name, and includes a main cabin and six smaller cabins that still exist on a little piece of paradise that families have been enjoying for 110 years.

Located outside Annandale, Minn., the club sits on small Glendale Bay, off Clearwater Lake. The setting is lovely, with a creek and great maples.

My husband’s parents bought their interest in the club — Cabin 5 — for $2,000 in 1964. At the time, the cabin was not much more than a neglected shell, with no running water and an outhouse.

Over the years, my in-laws gave a great deal of tender loving care to the cabin. My father-in-law spent many a weekend digging a well, putting in new flooring, updating the interior, and adding indoor plumbing and a bathroom. My husband and his siblings grew up spending most summer weekends fishing, swimming, sailing, hunting for turtles, and playing yard games at the lake.

I was so lucky to marry into this arrangement in 1981. We have continued to maintain and improve the cabin since then. We’ve added hot water and a shower, new windows and a roof, updated the kitchen and, most important, added a deck to overlook the beautiful bay. Our children also were able to grow up enjoying all that the lake offers. The cabin is seasonal, but we continue to look forward to weekends there with family and friends.

Pam Selvig, Prior Lake