Innovative and timely — that describes the new iHome iUVBT1 Pro UV-C sanitizing Bluetooth speaker. Long known for its clock radios and speaker systems for iPod, iPhone and iPad, iHome has a new line of sanitizing products for your nightstand.

Keeping smartphones, earbuds, glasses, keys, credit cards and remote controls clean and safe is a need that goes beyond the current pandemic. The UV-C protection, iHome states, is lab tested to kill 99.9% of viruses and bacteria without liquids or chemicals.

You open a lid on the top of the speaker to expose the sanitizing compartment. When the lid is closed, UV-C LED lights turn on, cleaning the contents in just three minutes. A total of 12 UV-C LEDs are on the top and bottom ensuring a full 360-degree sanitization. A countdown timer for the cleaning process displays the 180-second sanitization cycle.

The built-in Bluetooth speaker can be connected to a portable device for wireless audio streaming. A pair of 5W USB-A charging ports keep portable devices charged. The intelligent clock dimmer has a built-in sensor that automatically adjusts the brightness based on how much ambient light is in the room.