A lot of the NBA's big management names attended draft workouts at Target Center on Monday afternoon:

Larry Bird, Mitch Kupchak, Rick Sund, John Hammond, Monty Willams, Avery Johnson and Flip Saunders all were there.

So, too, was Kurt Rambis.

Yep, Rambis was there, watching from back in the weight room when media was let in near the end of the first of two workouts this afternoon featuring late first-round and second-round prospects.

What does it mean?

I'm told it's not a signal one way or the other on his future as Timberwolves coach.

He did not sit with David Kahn and I didn't see any interaction between the two while I was there, but my guess is Rambis came to town after not attending last week's Chicago combine to finally sit down with Kahn.

As of last weekend, the two hadn't met to discuss the season since it ended on April 13 and you'd think they'd at least have one long talk before any decision is made about the team's coaching future.

Neither Rambis nor Kahn talked to the media after today's two workouts.

It has been five weeks since season's end.

What's taking so long?

Well, some possibilities:

* Kahn really hasn't made up his mind.

* Kahn's still trying to convince Taylor and the team's minority to spend the $4 million to pay off the remaining two years of Rambis' contract. Or they're waiting until the labor picture is clearer before they decide to pay two coaches.

* He's waiting for the league's musical chairs game of coaching changes to play out and see if there's someone he can hire then that he might not be able to hire now.

* Rambis actually has a shot at the Lakers' job and Kahn's waiting on that to see if Rambis will accept a buyout rather than demand his entire $4 million for the chance at his dream job.

That last one, that's probably a long shot at best, but you never know in this big, crazy world...

Btw, the Wolves pretty much swapped days from the schedule they originally set for two days of workouts this week.

Most of the guys set to come in Tuesday originally were there today and most of Monday's group will go tomorrow, although Providence's Marshon Brooks, Boston College's Reggie Jackson, USC's Nikola Vucevic and Kansas' Markieff Morris are among those who have pulled out.


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