Alive & Kickin

Thursday: One must be careful to avoid stereotypes in describing this group of senior citizens who sing, dance, tell stories and generally light up a room. Should it be odd to find this much energy and honest passion in a group of oldsters? Is it ageist to suggest that somehow this group is a cute bunch of performers who have no business shaking booty at their advanced stage of life? Leave your intellectual gymnastics behind and simply enjoy a group of people who love to perform and communicate better than most the joy of living. Michael Matthew Ferrell started this group several years ago, and they are an inspiration. They're singing alongside many other Twin Cities performers at the "Alive & Kickin Duets" show Feb. 19. On the bill are musical theater greats Ben Bakken and Michelle Carter, rocker G.B. Leighton and vocalist Erin Schwab. (8 p.m. Feb. 19; Varsity Theater, 1308 SE. 4th St., Mpls.; $25-$100,

Graydon Royce