Dirt alert

“The Stinky & Dirty Show!” offers good filthy fun for young viewers who will quickly envy the show’s stars, a garbage truck and backhoe loader, for their built-in excuse to play in the muck. The series, based on books by Jim and Kate McMullan, has more than just dirty play on its mind as the dusty duo tackle problems that range from removing a boulder to building a speed ramp. If only our new heroes could find a way to keep the kids from tracking mud into the house.

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Phasers on stun

By the end of “Building Star Trek,” the latest special to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the landmark series, you’ll swear the Enterprise contributed more to real-life science than Sir Isaac Newton and Neil Armstrong combined. The film may be a bit of stretch, but it certainly lives up to the ship’s mission to be bold, especially when it dares to ask whether Mr. Spock had sex appeal.

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Ain’t no sunshine

Richard Widmark isn’t usually associated with Minnesota, despite the fact that he was born in Sunrise Township, a burg that would probably build a statue in his honor if it wasn’t afraid of scaring off children. “Richard Widmark: Strength of Characters,” a 2000 documentary, pays tribute to the veteran of such classics as “Kiss of Death” and “No Way Out.”

9 p.m. Sunday, GetTV

Neal Justin