The Bad Plus with Bill Frisell

The Bad Plus have always had a genius for musical interpretation, from Nirvana and Gloria Gaynor in the early days to later takes on Igor Stravinsky and Ornette Coleman. Now the trio will tackle a decade’s worth of Bill Frisell, circa 1985-95, with the guitarist himself on hand. It’s a fertile period that includes Frisell’s work with Paul Motian and Joe Lovano and the dynamic Americana jazz of albums such as “Have a Little Faith,” “This Land” and the Buster Keaton soundtracks. (7 and 9:30 p.m. Fri., Walker Art Center, Mpls.; $30-$45,

10 years of Sundays

Guitarist Zacc Harris is known locally for his membership in the Atlantis Quartet and his guidance of Shifting Paradigm Records. In a less heralded but cool community endeavor, Harris has fronted a trio with bassist Matt Peterson and his AQ cohort Pete Hennig for 10 years straight on Sundays at the Riverview Wine Bar in south Minneapolis. It’s the city’s longest-running weekly jazz gig. Harris celebrates the anniversary with giveaways of his limited-edition live CD. (7 p.m. Sun., Riverview Cafe and Wine Bar, Mpls.; free,

Saxophone explosion

It’s always a treat when drummer/impresario J.T. Bates invites an internationally formidable jazz titan into his parlor at Icehouse for some arching improvisation. This time it’s the rugged saxophonist Tony Malaby, whose squalling can spin a weathervane, yet who is also capable of beautifully feathered textures and sparse, conceptual phrases. Throw in bassist Anthony Cox, and that’s a trio worth a record deal. (9:30 p.m. Mon., Icehouse, Mpls.; $12,

Carrothers + Mallinger

Pianist Bill Carrothers has recorded a pair of albums with the Pat Mallinger Quartet. Good as they were, there was always a sense of not enough Carrothers in the mix. But this Carrothers-Mallinger, sax-piano setup — sans rhythm section — should yield a bevy of striking interactions on originals and standards alike. (7:30 p.m. Tue., the Dunsmore Room at Crooners, Fridley; $15, crooners

Britt Robson