One of the purposes of this blog is to try to offer some insight about what is going on at the University of Minnesota.  I think things have deteriorated badly and that we need to make some serious changes.  I say this as a graduate and faculty member.

This is a very difficult task since the current administration is less than transparent.  They believe that all they have to do is to keep the Board of Regents happy and everything will be fine.  Somehow the bad impression their arrogant behavior leaves with the citizens and the state legislature does not seem to be of concern to them. 

The following YouTube video will hopefully begin to reveal some of the strange thinking  in Morrill Hall.


I'd be very happy for comments and discussion.  It is rather difficult to get the U administration to engage in any sort of dialog about these important issues.  They seem to prefer monolog. The technique is obvious here.  You get one question, no follow up or discussion, and President Bruininks goes into kill the clock mode.  He also makes statements that are clearly contrary to fact with no concern about being called on them because of the controlled format of an "open" forum.

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