standing tall — or not

Tallest men

The Netherlands, with an average height of about 6 feet. Followed by Belgium, Estonia, Latvia, Denmark, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Serbia, Iceland and the Czech Republic.

Tallest women

Latvia, with an average height of 5-feet-6.

Followed by the Netherlands, Estonia, the Czech Republic, Serbia, Slovakia, Denmark, Lithuania, Belarus and Ukraine.

biggest gains

South Korean women: Added 8 inches over the last century

Iranian men: Added 6½ inches over the last century

where U.S. stands

Men: Gained about 2½ inches over the century (37th-tallest)

Women: Gained just under 2 inches (42nd-tallest)

shortest men

East Timor, an average of 5-feet-3. Followed by Yemen, Laos, Madagascar, Malawi, Nepal

Rwanda, the Marshall Islands, the Philippines and Mauritania

shortest women

Guatemala, an average of 4-feet-11. Followed by the Philippines, Bangladesh, Nepal, East Timor, Madagascar, Laos, the Marshall Islands, India and Indonesia

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