If every picture tells a story, there must be a story behind every Rod Stewart song.

Q: Was "Forever Young" inspired by Bob Dylan's "Forever Young"?

A: Let's say it may have been or it may not have been. I wasn't that familiar with his. There have been a lot of songs called "Forever Young." "Tonight's the Night," there are 34 versions called "Tonight's the Night."

Q: What inspired "You Wear It Well"?

A: Songs are written from day-to-day expressions. That's more of a British expression than an American expression. That's what I still do. Just pick up everyday words that people talk and write them in a book and see if they find a song.

Q: "Tonight's the Night"?

A: Same thing, really. I was working with Steve Cropper in Muscle Shoals in the afternoon, just strumming around. Someone said that line. I wish I could give you some elaborate explanation. But it's more luck than judgment.

Q: "Maggie May"?

A: That was the girl I lost my virginity to when I was 17. Her name wasn't Maggie May. Just out of school. That was the inspiration for that song.

Q: "Do Ya Think I'm Sexy"?

A: It certainly wasn't me. I'm not so sure where that song came out of. Commenting on situations. I wish I could give you a fancy explanation, but they just come out.

Jon Bream