Comedy Camelot

"Disenchantment" may not stick around as long as other Matt Groening projects, most notably "The Simpsons." So enjoy it while you can. Season 3 continues its satirical assault on medieval times, but with its characters facing more dire straits than ever. Groening's son, Abe, proves he belongs in the writers' room by penning a brilliant episode in which the kingdom's future rests on a talking pig.

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Filthy rich

"Bling Empire" makes no attempt to hide its mission to be the reality TV version of "Crazy Rich Asians." The characters are certainly wealthy enough (at one point, two socialites debate who has logged the most time at the presidential suite in an upscale Paris hotel), but when it comes to nuttiness, they just don't compare to the Real Housewives.

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Help is on the way

"9-1-1" and its spinoff "9-1-1: Lone Star" are making the best of the pandemic. The season premieres, airing back to back, embrace the current situation without sacrificing their love of outrageous set pieces, which include a bus crashing through the middle of a high-rise office building and a tank tearing through the streets of Austin, Texas. "Lone Star" regular Liv Tyler has departed the series, but "Suits" veteran Gina Torres is more than capable as her replacement.

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Hear them roar

Any one of the Black female artists featured in "How It Feels to Be Free" deserves her own "American Masters" special, but it's fun to see the acclaimed series honor them as a group. Hearing how Lena Horne once hurled ashtrays at a racist in a hotel restaurant and Abbey Lincoln threw Marilyn Monroe's hand-me-downs into the fireplace will make you wish those legends were still around to lead the Black Lives Matter protests.

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Austin city limits

"Walker" has almost nothing in common with the original Chuck Norris series "Walker, Texas Ranger," except for the setting. That should be a good thing. The 1993-2001 drama was so awful that Conan O'Brien made it the butt of a running joke. But the reboot is terrible in its own way. Star Jared Padalecki ("Supernatural") trades off between moping over his dead wife and delivering corny quips instead of karate chops. At least O'Brien will have some new material.

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