Sometimes when we are out walking, passers-by recognize Angus. It’s the ears, I’m pretty sure, those funny, floppy, quirky ears.

People stop. They want to say hello. I usually say no, because Angus would almost certainly bark at them for five minutes before they could approach.

Fortunately, there’s e-mail, and plenty of people have said hello that way, sending advice, photos of their own puppies, and great training tips. Angus never barks at e-mail. Here’s a sampling:

– Jeanne Weigum

– Denny Prescher

– Jeff Schnobrich

– Cynthia Baxter

– Luann Rice

– Shannin Seeholzer

– Erin Skubic

– John Baird

– Sue Kluegel

Laurie Hertzel is a dog lover, not a dog expert. She is chronicling the first year with her rescue dog, Angus, on these pages. Follow along at

Coming Dec. 8:A scary encounter with an off-leash dog.