At least 30 lawsuits have been filed around the country against Tom Petters, his companies and business associates claiming that he owes plaintiffs more than $3.5 billion.

Bankruptcy documents covering 10 of Petters' business entities list a variety of unsecured debts to the companies' largest creditors. The debts range from $144,000 in rent to landlord Welsch Baker Road LLC to more than $1.5 billion owed to the Lancelot Investors Fund of Northbrook, Ill. The Minneapolis law firm of Fredrikson & Byron claims it's owed $171,341 for outstanding legal fees.

Here are some of the top creditors and the amounts owed, according to court documents:

1. Lancelot Investors Fund LP, $1.53 billion

2. Palm Beach Finance Partners LP, $1.06 billion

3. Acorn Capital Group LLC, $276.7 million

4. Metro Gem Inc., $165.5 million*

*Metro Gem owner Frank Vennes Jr. has been identified in federal court documents as a "facilitator" in the alleged Petters scheme, but he has not been charged with any crimes.