Paul Westerberg in 2014/ Star Tribune photo by Jeff Wheeler

Paul Westerberg in 2014/ Star Tribune photo by Jeff Wheeler

Ever wonder why Paul Westerberg ended up on the soundtrack to the Seattle grunge-centric movie “Singles” in 1992?

Director-screenwriter Cameron Crowe said the grunge rockers weren’t just into slow-moving metal and hard rock but they loved the Replacements and Cheap Trick, too. So he invited Westerberg to Seattle, where he fit in with musicians there.

“I was surprised he was ready to do a solo thing,” says Crowe, who is behind a terrific new rock documentary, "David Crosby: Remember My Name."

Westerberg contributed a couple of songs, including “Dyslexic Heart,” and wrote the score for "Singles."

“I loved his touch with the score. It’s really under-noticed really,” Crowe continued. “It was a marriage waiting to happen, the furthest from a shotgun marriage. It was like adding spices to a full meal.”

Crowe coincidentally spoke to Westerberg a few weeks ago when the reclusive Minneapolis rocker called a mutual friend of theirs who put Crowe on the phone briefly.

The director asked Westerberg to recommend the best Faces song to use for pre-show “walk-in music” for his new musical “Almost Famous” that’s set in the early 1970s. The musical opens in September in San Diego.

Said Crowe: “With no pause whatsoever, he goes ‘Too Bad.’"