The election that wouldn't end is supposed to finally wrap up tomorrow. But it can actually go on and on, thanks to what is likely to be the first of many insty-books.

"Unprecedented: The Election That Changed Everything," by journalist Thomas Lake, will be published Dec. 4 by Melcher Media/CNN Politics. It will have an introduction by Douglas Brinkley, a foreword by Jake Tapper (who made his name during the Bush-Gore election, speaking of elections that never ended), and contributions from Carl Bernstein, Amanda Carpenter, David Axelrod, and many others.

Most of the book is already mapped out: 

Chapter 1: Two Angry men and their disenchanted armies

Chapter 2:Hillary Clinton stares down her enemies

Chapter 3:  Torch in hand, Ted Cruz marches on Washington

Right up to Chapter 12. Title to come, the press release says. Let's hope they know what it is by the end of Tuesday.

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