PICK OF THE WEEK: Mum’s the word at the Science Museum of Minnesota. Well, it’s “mummies,” actually. Scientists at Chicago’s Field Museum used 21st-century tech — including CT scanning and 3-D printing — to examine bodies that were prepared for burial as long as 5,000 years ago. The results were so amazing that for the first time in its history, the museum is allowing part of its world-renowned collection of mummies to visit other venues. “Mummies: New Secrets From the Tombs” runs though Sept. 5. (smm.org)


Cheat sheet: In November, columnist Gail Rosenblum created a tongue-in-cheek list of tips for calling in sick. Of course, some readers didn’t get the joke and chastised her for encouraging slacking. So, for those looking for a serious how-to guide, here are some ways to escape early Friday and get an extra-long long weekend.

(Gail would have done this herself, but she said she needed the day off to tend to her second cousin, who injured her thumbs in a freak texting mishap.)

• If you’re going to fake an illness, make it a headache. Recovery can come quickly, providing an “out” if the office bigmouth spots you out for lunch.

• As much as you want to revel in your freedom, don’t post selfies of your day at the beach.

• If the boss leaves early and you decide to skip out, too, wait long enough for him or her to clear the area. It can get kind of sticky if both of you end up riding down in the same elevator.



Photos taken by a Twin Cities dog are sweeping the Internet. See them for yourself in Wednesday’s Variety.