A still from one of last year's entries to the Mississippi Minute Film Festival.

Got a story to tell that celebrates our big city river in 60 seconds or less? The second annual Mississippi Minute Film Festival is calling for entries. The best part is, technical quality isn't as important as enthusiasm and originality.

"iPhone, iPad, camcorder, GoPro, whatever, as long as it's a minute or under and is shot on the river in the city," said Kathleen Boe, director of the Minneapolis Riverfront Partnership, which hosts the festival. The nonprofit organization's focus is revitalizing the urban riverfront. For the contest, the river has been divided into four categories:

  • River Gorge: Ford Dam to Washington Ave Bridge
  • Downtown Riverfront: Washington Ave Bridge to Plymouth Bridge
  • River North: Plymouth Bridge to Lowry Bridge
  • Upper Harbor: Lowry Bridge to City Border

"We're open on topics, as long as it's appropriate to be shown in your grandmother's living room," Boe said. 

Last year's best of show among 17 entrants was done by a group of exchange students from Thailand who riffed on the spelling of the river's name. Other submissions included one man's childhood recollections of fishing under the Camden Bridge and a ritual of casting sand before throwing it into the water.

"Last year was the first one, orgnaized kind of last minute, so we're hoping for a lot more participation this year," Boe said.

Mini-films are due by Sept. 15 ( www.mississippiminute.org ) to allow for judging by an expert panel. Winners will be announced and premiered at the Minneapolis Riverfront Summit at 6 p.m. Oct 26, Mill City Museum. To watch video from last year's submissions: