Nothing says romance like a camera pointed straight up the nostrils of a loved one.

The Ring Cam, now available for rent at two local jewelry stores, will capture the reaction on video — for better or worse — when you pop the big question.

Owner Chris Graham introduced the gadget at Graham Jewelers in July and so far, he said couples love it.

“Instead of having to buy their friend a case of beer and talk him into hiding in the bushes to take pictures, this is a much better option,” Graham said.

The way the Ring Cam works is simple: Before you pop the question, push a button on the top of the ring box, open it up, and the camera inside will capture the reaction of your sweetheart from the ring’s point-of-view. The box has a built-in microphone to record the nervous speech and excited shrieks, too.

After an answer and a few selfies, you can download the video to your computer and send the camera back to the company.

Whether you think this technology is awesome or alarming, the Ring Cam is a sign of the social media times. People have been hiring photographers/recruiting their friends to document wedding proposals since forever. A search for “marriage proposals” on YouTube yields about 503,000 results, proving we’re into capturing — and sharing — even our most intimate moments more than ever.

“Social media has really upped the ante of the proposal,” Graham said. “Everybody wants to outdo their buddies … the way guys propose today is much more involved than it was even five years ago. They plan it much better.”

The gadget can be rented for $99 from the company’s website, There’s also a $199 proposal package that gets you an edited proposal video with music and photos, and a $649 package that includes a photographer to capture the moment from a different angle.

Locally, you can rent the box at Graham Jewelers for $200. When you return the Ring Cam, you can apply your $200 rental fee toward the purchase of wedding bands. St. Louis Park-based Bergstrom Jewelers also recently started to offer the Ring Cam for $99.

“This age group, the millennials, with social media as huge as it is, this is exactly up their alley,” said Bergstrom co-owner Bob Zagaros. “Instead of just sending a picture of your engagement ring or posting it to social media, the video lets family and friends experience all the surprise, excitement and happiness of the moment.”

No word yet if the Ring Cam company plans to offer a wedding-day package — a “bouquet broadcast” of the couple’s “I dos.”