AUGUSTA, Ga. -- Minnesota lacks a local angle at The Masters, unless you want to include Iowa.

Let’s include Iowa.

Iowegian Zach Johnson is a two-time major winner who is also down-to-earth and self-deprecating. During an epic second round on Friday, he hit the oddest shot of the day.

He took a practice swing on the 13th tee and accidentally hit his ball. It clanged off a the tee marker to his right and caromed forward.

``Yeah, that was a good one there,’’ he said. ``That’s a first. I thought I had done it all but now I know I’ve done it all. Shoot, they got that?’’

He asked because the 13th tee box is the rare place at Augusta National where there are no patrons. The television cameras are not noticeable.

``Even when I try to slice it, I still hook it,’’ he said. ``That’s kind of the joke in the group. I mean, toe push into the tee marker and then, you know, i twas a nice little four-foot draw, it turned out. So, yeah.

``I can’t think of a time I’ve done it. I mean, not on purpose. I mean, maybe I tried to do it. I don’t think I could do it again if I even tried. Yeah.’’

Because he didn’t make contact intentionally, there was no penalty. Johnson finished the second round at 3-over.

He just began his third round and birdied No. 2.


If the weather reports are accurate, there will be a constant threat of rain all day on Saturday and Sunday morning with a chance of harder rain and winds on Sunday afternoon.

We may be in for a Monday finish.


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