THE Traveler: Dale K. Mize of Plymouth.

The scene: A rainbow arced across a moody sky above Lake Superior's Flood Bay near Two Harbors, Minn.

A North Shore Drive: Mize was driving Hwy. 61 along the North Shore on a summer afternoon when he spied a rainbow and pulled into a parking lot at Flood Bay for a longer look. He suspects most people whip by Flood Bay without a thought, on their way to destinations such as Gooseberry Falls. He had just visited Split Rock Lighthouse State Park when he veered off to stop. He wrote in an e-mail, "It could be argued that compared to all of the wonderful locations along the North Shore, Flood Bay is rather modest. Although I would argue [that] when it come to Lake Superior, there are no modest locations."

Getting the shot: "I don't know who owned the Jeep with the yellow kayak, but the shot would not be the same without that splash of sun highlighting the kayak," Mize wrote, noting, "I never did find the owners to thank them for making my shot." The rainbow was a stroke of luck, he said, and added that the yellow kayak not only gave the photo beauty, but also "presented an image of a story of adventure along the North Shore." He captured the scene with his Canon Powershot SX40HS digital camera.

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