The tail-wagging at :50 seems to be the point where it might all fall apart.




The difference in internet culture can be summed up by Mashable’s reaction: “pretty spectacular.” What did some guy call it at BuzzFeed? All together now: “OH MY GOD IS IT ADORABLE.” At least he didn’t say “adorables you guys,” but he’s probably saving that for “sixteen kittens who forgot how to cat,” or something else that gets more reactions than the post about Egypt. Seven Ways to Totally Chill During a Military Coup,” or something.


TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES Ah, using Skype for testimony on a nationally televised trial. Went as well as you’d expect..



“The pop up that they’re calling on is the land line.” That makes no sense.


Who’s doing the pranking? Well, 4chan, of course.


OUCH If you drink, don’t yank. From the LaCrosse paper:

Baltz told police he had permission to pull the tooth. He also said his father and grandfather were dentists, so he “knew what he was doing,” reports stated.


Baltz had a 0.20 percent alcohol level. His girlfriend told police he does“stupid” things when he’s drunk.

Like pull teeth from a strange child at a cafe. Details at the link. 

HAPPY BIRTHDAY From MinnPost: The oldest skyway in downtown Minneapolis turns 50. One of the comments notes, as is fashionable, that they ruin the vibrancy of street life, and we should be able to take the weather in January like they do in Chicago. Well, the street life is bustling when it’s nice out, because people like to be outside. I don’t know what I’m supposed to enjoy about street-life vibrancy when it’s three above and everyone’s bundled. The vibrancy of shared misery, perhaps.


That’s it - busy day. Busy with vibrancy!