Orchestral rock meets Orchestra Hall

Nearing the end of Cloud Cult's Friday concert at Orchestra Hall, lead singer Craig Minowa expressed an insecurity: "We were really nervous about going into the orchestra setting," he said to the crowd. "We were like, 'Will they clap? Or will it be really quiet?'"

But Cloud Cult's audience spent almost the entire concert on their feet, producing screams powerful enough to demand two encores.

"It's something you would never even dream of," Minowa said to the nearly sold-out audience. "It's beyond dreams."

Despite concerns about the venue's formality, musicians and fans reveled in the acoustics that allowed listeners to distinctly hear even feet tapping and fingers hitting strings.

And there were plenty of strings to hear. The Minneapolis-based band features electric and acoustic guitar, violin and cello, as well as piano, horns and percussion. Multimedia presentations matched the beat and subject matter of the songs.

Ushers said that while, of course, the screaming fans were a strange sight to behold at the classical music hall, the behavior was unusual even for the few rock events held there.

Cloud Cult violinist Shannon Frid said both the emotional and musical qualities of the performance were amped up because of the special venue. The stakes were higher.

"It was unbelievable -- the most amazing show we've ever done," she said. "There's been so many famous musicians who've played here, like Yo-Yo Ma."

As a string musician, it was an honor, she said.

"It's Orchestra Hall," she said, eyes wide and head shaking in disbelief. "It's Orchestra Hall."

  • Jessica Bakeman

Marvel, Public House open in North Loop

The bar scene in downtown Minneapolis' North Loop neighborhood continues to grow. The governor's sons, Eric and Andrew Dayton, finally opened their cocktail bar in the old Marvel Rack building this week. The Marvel Bar, as they are calling it, is the playground for expert bartender Pip Hanson, who had fantastic stints at Cafe Maude and La Belle Vie. Could this be Minneapolis' next big cocktail den?

Over on Washington Avenue, the Public House is scheduled to open Monday in the former North Washington Cafe (which was Java J's not too long ago). The bar will have a small but strong tap beer lineup, including beers from Fulton, Stone, Dark Horse, Great Lakes and more. The menu appears to be a notch above your typical pub grub, with homemade sausages and small plates (the bar's Facebook page mentioned a tuna tartare endive salad and merguez with white bean and carrot).

  • Tom Horgen

Local designer Everine makes 'Runway' debut

For last Thursday's "Project Runway" season premiere, friends and fans of Twin Cities designer Danielle Everine gathered to cheer her on at a premiere party at the Caterpillar Lounge in downtown Minneapolis. The episode kicked off with a twist: an immediate elimination of four contestants before the first challenge had even taken place. It was harsh, but thankfully Everine was spared. For the first challenge, the designers had to create a look solely out of their bedsheet and what they wore to sleep the night before. True to her vintage-with-a-modern-twist aesthetic, Everine turned out a kicky pair of green shorts and a paneled top that judges deemed "safe." Everine revealed her competitive nature here, responding backstage that "Safe is not good enough." That's our girl.

  • Jahna Peloquin

Jay-Z and Kanye blow off Minneapolis

Among the many bratty and annoying stunts that rap giants Jay-Z and Kanye West have pulled, this might rank as the worst for Twin Cities fans: They have officially pulled the plug on their previously announced Oct. 8 date at Target Center.

"Unfortunately, they are not able to stop in Minneapolis due to the reroute of the tour schedule," Live Nation's Liz Morentin said Wednesday. A press release then went out from a local Live Nation rep reading, "Jay-Z and Kanye West thank their fans for their support and hope to return in the future."

For reasons not really explained, the duo had to rearrange the fall tour behind their album "Watch the Throne" at the last minute. The tour's start date was pushed back to Oct. 29 from Sept. 22, and as a result the itinerary had to be reshuffled to factor in things like each arena's team schedules and which days Jay-Z needs to take Beyoncé's gold in to get polished and whatnot.

The closest stop on the tour is now Nov. 29 in Kansas City. It also stops in Chicago on Dec. 1. That's right: Little ol' Kansas City is getting the tour, but not Minneapolis. You guys are killing us here!

  • Chris Riemenschneider

Weisman expands

Having finished construction of its new galleries, the University of Minnesota's Weisman Art Museum is hanging art and prepping for its Oct. 2 reopening. The $14 million addition includes three new galleries, plus a creative-collaboration studio that overlooks a snazzy, canopied walkway linked to the upper level of the Washington Avenue bridge. The museum's interior has new wood floors, more skylights and lots of really interesting angles. Architect Frank Gehry's design for the original Weisman was explosive on the outside but pretty rectilinear inside. His three new galleries flow seamlessly from the old spaces, but have few, if any, right-angled walls, which means that the building's interior seems a much better reflection of the exterior.

  • Mary Abbe

We're on a boat (again)

The floating nightclub is back. On Aug. 19, dance music promoter Vimlab is taking clubgoers on the Paradise Lady Yacht. On board, you'll see the river sights, go through the locks and groove to a mix of house, hip-hop and pop beats. DJ'ing the three-hour cruise will be Nate Laurence and J Matthews of Hot Dish, Big Mama J and more. After docking back on Boom Island, the boat ticket also gets clubbers access to the afterparty at Epic. While Vimlab's boat parties typically sell out in advance, the promoter hopes to have some at the door. Of course, it's best to plan ahead. --Tom Horgen