Pass the Kleenex

Another week, another heart-destroying episode of “This Is Us.” This one was the worst (so says Twitter!) because we had to say goodbye to a beloved character. If you’re still weeping uncontrollably, let these hilarious Twitter reactions to the cry-a-thon soothe your soul.

1. “They should call it ‘This Is Us Crying’ ” — @timriggins28

2. “I’m pretty sure #ThisIsUs only has commercial breaks so you can replenish the tears lost.” — @lovehaliebaby

3. “HR professionals, can you take a bereavement day for a fictional character? I can’t go to work, I’m a mess.” — @tiffanythecomic

4. “How A TV Show Destroyed My Life, A Memoir. Chapter One: I Started Watching It.” — @ashleeekappel

5. “Cried so hard watching ‘This Is Us’ that my dog switched couches.” — @MollySabia

Tom Horgen