May the Force be with your hashtag

Happy “Star Wars” week! Besides the release of “Rogue One” (we love it!), the best “Star Wars”-related fun we had was Chris Hardwick’s hashtag wars.

The comic (whom most people know as the host of “Talking Dead”) set the internet ablaze on Tuesday night with another one of his Twitter hashtag games (as part of his @midnight web show), where he challenges tweeters to mash up pop culture topics. This time the hashtag was:


Here are our top 5 favorites from this round:

1. Breakfast AT-AT Tiffany’s (by @joshkeaton)

2. Do the Right Thing, or Do Not, There Is No Try (by @MilesToGo13)

3. I Know What Yoda Did Last Summer (by @sheabrowning)

4. Luke, I Am Your Father of the Bride (by @misstamerica30)

5. The Fault in Our Death Stars (by @smeghead4269)

Tom Horgen