The 3-2 pitch

Three observations …

• Good move by MLB to switch to a 10-day disabled list. Teams will be more willing to shut down a player who needs just a handful of games to recover, and that way a manager won’t be shorthanded.

• Shohei Otani, a pitcher/outfielder in Japan, might try to pitch and play in the field in MLB some day. But how will teams allow him to do both, given the value of pitching? He recently strained a thigh muscle while running the bases and will be out another five weeks.

• Toronto’s slow start is not surprising. Josh Donaldson is injured and the Blue Jays are getting used to life without Edwin Encarnacion.

… and two predictions

• The Cardinals will hover around .500 for most of the season because their pitching staff is unreliable.

• Yoenis Cespedes is on pace for 90-plus homers this season. He won’t stay that hot, but let’s say he lands at 42.