Melisse Chassé of Apple Valley always was too busy with soccer to join her father, Rob, on deer hunts. A recent college graduate, she’s an avid waterfowl and turkey hunter. But she deferred to dad after spotting this 4½-year-old buck from the double stand they shared on newly purchased family land near Preston, Minn. It was 10 a.m. on opening day and the buck was 90 yards away. Rob fired a copper slug from his 12-gauge and she found the first trace of blood. The deer dropped 30 yards from the point of impact.

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Hunters’ photos of themselves or members of their hunting party with harvested deer can be sent to Images can be of hunters with any animal, large or small. Young hunters who have been successful make especially good photo subjects. Include a description of the animal, the general area where it was taken and the name, phone number and hometown of the hunter portrayed. A few paragraphs describing circumstances of the successful hunt are helpful. Please also include a daytime and evening phone number. Selected photos will be displayed in coming weeks on the Star Tribune Wednesday Outdoors Page on the back of the Sports section.