You’ve received the family updates, and there’s not much more to say about the weather. It would be rude to retreat with a book, but you’re too full — or hungry, depending on if someone forgot to turn on the oven — to think about conversation starters. So why not talk turkey, literally? These holiday facts from WalletHub will get you started:


Average number of calories consumed on Thanksgiving.

10 hours, 41 minutes

How long the average American male would need to spend on the treadmill to burn the 4,500 calories consumed at the average Thanksgiving meal.


Americans who are most likely to drink wine with their Thanksgiving meal. Other drinks of choice:

Beer 47%

Liquor/spirits/ cocktails 37%

Flavored malt beverages 17%

Hard cider 15%


Americans who chose turkey as their Thanksgiving fave. The runners-up:

Stuffing 23%

Pumpkin pie 12%

Mashed potatoes 9%

Sweet potatoes 6%

Cranberry sauce/relish/ jelly 3%

25% of Americans say they might skip the turkey this year!

46 million

Estimated number of turkeys butchered for Thanksgiving each year.


Turkey-cooking questions answered by the Butterball Turkey hot line each November and December.


Americans who plan to attend a Thanksgiving ­dinner with 6 or more people.

$670 million

Estimated amount spent on Thanksgiving turkeys each year.


Average cost of a 10-person Thanksgiving dinner.


Average cost of a 16-pound whole frozen turkey.


Thanksgiving hosts prepare the entire feast with no help.


U.S. adults who agree that a fridge full of leftovers is the best thing about hosting Thanksgiving.


Americans who plan to dress up for Thanksgiving.


Sources: WalletHub