The crooked, off-angle shot of Michele Bachmann delivering her now famous State of the Union rebuttal is about to get straightened out today by TeaPartyHD, the up-and-coming conservative-leaning TV and Internet Network.
The version most people have seen – and the one that has preoccupied much of the D.C. media establishment – shows the Minnesota Republican looking slightly off-camera , not making eye-contact with viewers, a huge no-no in visual communication.
The reason, it appears, is that Bachmann delivered her speech to TeaPartyHD’s camera, which had the teleprompter she used. But most of the world – well, nation – saw the footage shot by network cameras that were allowed to video the speech.
TeaPartyHD is a West Coast entity that produced the Bachmann video for the Tea Party Express, the group that originally invited Bachmann to webcast a Tea Party rebuttal to President Obama’s speech Tuesday night.
A Bachmann spokesman said this morning that they have “guaranteed” that the straight-on version will be posted today. At this writing, for reasons that have not been explained, the group’s home page still features a crooked version taken from PBS’s NewsHour.
The Tea Party and public television. Go figure: