My initial fear in hearing the news that Wolves owner Glen Taylor plans on hiring a full-fledged decision maker on personnel decisions is that Isiah Thomas is coming aboard.

Why should Wolves fans (yes there a few left) have any faith in Taylor making the right hire, when he's kept former vice president of basketball operations Kevin McHale around way too long?

Taylor told the Star Tribune's Jerry Zgoda that he already has interviewed and psychologically tested candidates. Some allegedly are from other organizations. Seems odd that not one of those names have leaked out from other cities. Taylor did have to seek out permission from their respective teams to interview those gentlemen. Is that just a cover for the soon-to-be hire of Jim Stack?
Under that scenario, Taylor would need to be psychologically tested.

My long-term fear is this franchise will cease to exist. The Twin Cities is among the smallest markets attempting to support four major professional teams. The local TV ratings are rock bottom. The ratings for the nationally televised games generally rank dead last among all NBA markets. No one is showing up at Target Center.

The way you cure all those issues is winning. Allowing the current coach to stay in place while a new general manager takes over doesn't make for a happy marriage. What competent personnel guy, either with a team, or readily available, would want this job knowing he can't bring in his own guy? And knowing that the former longtime boss could attempt to undermine his authority. Taylor is on record saying he expects McHale to return as coach. Taylor has also said that decision is all McHale's. If he wants to return, he can.

This job is appealing in many ways. Multiple first round picks in this June's draft. Cap room in two years. A decent nucleus with Al Jefferson&Kevin Love. Notice I left out Randy Foye. He, in my mind, at best, is a sixth or seventh man on a good team. Above average trading chips. And an owner who in the past has demonstrated that he will spend money.

Taylor finally got one thing right. It makes complete sense to have one ultimate front-office person calling the shots. Allow that individual to hire his own assistants and his own coach. Could this just be Taylor's way of letting McHale go out on his own terms? Might Taylor, considering his friendship with McHale, feel bad about firing him?
One remaining fan can only hope.

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