A fan survey of all 30 MLB parks that is overwhelmingly complimentary to Target Field was released recently by SeatGeek.

In it, close to 8,000 fans were asked about three critical areas of ballpark enjoyment: overall atmosphere, food and … bathrooms?

Target Field did quite well in all three. But while the atmosphere (No. 9) and food (No. 10) were given solid grades, it's apparently the bathrooms (No. 2) where the nearly decade-old ballpark in Minneapolis really shines through.

The Twins could use some relievers, but at least their fans enjoy relieving themselves.

Only SunTrust Park, the Braves' relatively new sprawling suburban project, offers its customers a more satisfying restroom experience.

Fenway was a dismal 29th in the bathroom rankings. Hopefully any Boston fans in town for the series at Target Field are being shown what a proper ballpark restroom experience looks and feels like.

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