The Traveler: Gary Stamm.

The scene: At the Vatican Museums, the so-called Bramante Staircase bustles with foot traffic. "After a day of viewing countless art treasures and being reluctant to leave the Vatican Museums [we] encountered one more treasure, the breathtaking Bramante Staircase," Ruth Stamm wrote in an e-mail. The double-helix staircase was designed by Giuseppe Momo in 1932 and, with its two intertwined spirals, allows people to ascend or descend without bumping into traffic going the opposite direction. The Momo Staircase at the Vatican Museums was inspired by the original Bramante Staircase, designed in 1505 by Donato Bramante, and, according to Ruth, "gives spectators a truly dizzying experience before they leave the incredible masterpieces in the museum." She added, "Our dream trip through Italy included time spent in Venice, Florence, Tuscany and finally Rome." Gary used his iPhone 7 to take this photo.

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