Sweet Jesus is coming to the Mall of America.

That is, the Canadian ice cream chain bearing that name. The 790-square-foot shop will debut on level 3 later this winter.

Known for its extravagantly decorated soft serve cones, Sweet Jesus plans to offer 10-plus creations at the MOA, including the Bangin’ Brownie, made with chocolate soft serve, caramel, chocolate sauce, brownie bits and a chocolate cookie crumble.

The company’s Instagram account shows past soft serve flavors including the “cherry bomb” – a cone that incorporates cream cheese frosting, cherry pie filling and pie crust, and a wacky Krusty the Kone invention sporting cotton candy “hair.”



Sweet Jesus also serves a variety of hot and cold dessert beverages, such as a burnt marshmallow latte.

The name reportedly isn’t meant to be religious, but more used as an expression of excitement.

The chain currently has nine locations, four of which are in Toronto and all in Ontario (two of those are currently closed until next year), but is in the process of major expansion.

According to Retail Insider, an online retail magazine in Canada, Sweet Jesus has been awarded new franchises in Canada, the U.S., Dubai, India and Bangladesh, and plans to open 20-25 new stores in the next 12 to 18 months.