immigrant detention case is heard

The Supreme Court's liberal justices dominated discussion Tuesday about the prolonged detention of immigrants facing deportation, expressing concern about the government holding noncitizens indefinitely without a hearing.

At issue is whether immigrants slated for deportation have the right to a bail hearing and possible release after six months if they are not a flight risk and pose no danger. The conservative justices were less vocal but expressed skepticism about whether the court should be setting firm deadlines for hearings in immigration cases. A lawyer for the Trump administration told the high court that noncitizens — whether legal or illegal immigrants — have no constitutional right to be in the U.S. The justices are taking a second look at the issue after an evenly divided court could not reach a decision last term and took the case for reargument. With Justice Neil ­Gorsuch new on the bench, he could be the deciding vote.

Washington Post