The Minnesota Supreme Court again suspended a Golden Valley attorney who became well-known for defending adult entertainment businesses.

Randall Tigue had initially been suspended for 30 days in 2014 for misappropriating client funds, and then again on Wednesday for issuing payments from his account that shorted his clients.

“Tigue admitted that he caused these shortages by issuing checks without sufficient client funds in the trust account to cover them,” the Supreme Court said in its order.

He is eligible for reinstatement in two years.

During his 43-year career, Tigue has frequently represented Minnesota porn sellers and strip clubs against various government efforts to close the businesses. He also defended, and lost, a 2014 case of Duluth head shop owner Jim Carlson, who sold synthetic marijuana and “bath salts” out of his store Last Place on Earth despite a state law aimed at stopping the sale of the substances.

Tigue could not be reached for comment.