Q: Although I am way outside the demographic for "Supernatural" (I am 71), I discovered it three years ago and have watched all 13 seasons. Can you find out if there will be a 14th season?

A: Yes, brothers Sam and Dean Winchester will be back for another go-round this fall on the CW. Look for them on Thursday nights. By the way, the series is the longest-running one in CW history, even dating back to the old WB network before it morphed into the CW. It will hit 300 episodes during the coming season.

All in the family

Q: The "mother-daughter" team in the Jergens lotion commercials is great. Are they actually a mother and daughter?

A: Yes. The mother is Leslie Mann, known for movies such as "This Is 40," "The Other Woman" and most recently "Blockers." She is married to, and has often worked with, producer/director Judd Apatow. They have two daughters, Iris and Maude, who have also appeared in films as the daughters of Mann's characters; that's Maude in the Jergens spots.

'Last Man' moves to Fox

Q: Is "Last Man Standing" coming back with new episodes?

A: Yes. After ABC dropped the series in 2017, Fox picked it up for the fall of 2018, where it will air on Friday nights. Since the show was popular at the time, and has remained so in cable reruns, ABC's decision to drop the show was less about ratings than other factors — including ABC wanting to own the shows it televised. "Last Man" comes from 20th Century Fox Television, which is part of the Fox empire. The "Last Man" deal connects corporate siblings.

'Push' pushed out

Q: We watched a show years ago about a modest IRS employee who goes to Nevada on an investigation. Without a heads-up, the show went off the air! What was its name, why was it discontinued and is there a possibility of a rerun or a home-video release?

A: The show was "Push, Nevada," airing briefly on ABC in the fall of 2002. The series — which boasted Ben Affleck as co-creator — tried to engage viewers by offering clues to the main mystery in each episode; a $1 million prize awaited the viewer who solved it. But the audience was too small for ABC. Remaining clues were jammed into the seventh and final night of the series — and yes, there was a prizewinner. I do not know of anyone carrying the show, or an authorized video release; you can see some poor-quality episodes on YouTube.

'Inspector Lewis' retires

Q: Why did "Inspector Lewis" end? I loved it.

A: After 30 years of playing the character — first on "Inspector Morse," where he was sidekick to John Thaw's Morse, then on "Lewis" after Thaw's death — Kevin Whately felt he was done. "Everything has a life span and I think it's gone on long enough," he told the Radio Times. "There were 33 'Inspector Morse' stories and we've now done 30 'Lewis.' I suppose it's a sentimental thing but I wouldn't want to do more Lewis than we did Morse because I do still think of it as an offshoot." And, he added, "There's the age thing, as well — I'm older than John Thaw was when he died, bless him."

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