With the fall TV season on the horizon, and fans already looking forward to movies scheduled for 2017 (and beyond), there’s plenty of info pouring in about comics-related screen projects. Here are some fun bits:

Batman’s Bad Guy Boffo! A great many fans went berserk when Ben Affleck tweeted a video clip Aug. 29 hinting at a villain for the stand-alone Batman movie to debut after the two upcoming Justice League films (also starring Batfleck). The clip appeared to feature a certain DC Comics supervillain who is a physical match for the Dark Knight — or, more likely, his superior. That would be Slade Wilson, aka Deathstroke the Terminator, a mercenary assassin who has undergone an experimental treatment that boosted his speed, strength and intelligence to superhuman levels. Affleck — and about a jillion websites — have confirmed that Deathstroke will, in fact, be the main villain in the movie that Affleck will star in and direct, a couple of years from now.

Mutant Maniac! Fox really, really wants to expand the X-Men franchise. But it’s been hit (“Deadpool”) and near-miss (“X-Men: Apocalypse”). Their next effort, coming to FX in early 2017, is a character and a show called “Legion.” In Marvel’s X-Men comics, David “Legion” Haller is the son of Charles “Professor X” Xavier and a long-lost love, who has multiple-personality disorder. Worse, each of his personalities has a different power set. The TV show will take that premise and make it even stranger.

Supergirl Gets Super Friends! When the final episode of “Supergirl” Season 1 aired, there were two cliffhangers: 1) who is in the Kryptonian ship that just landed in National City, and 2) would there be a second season of “Supergirl”? CBS did not, in fact, renew “Supergirl” — but the CW did, which will pick up the show beginning Oct. 10. That’s one question answered. As to the other, I’m guessing the spaceship’s occupant will be Mon-El, a beloved DC Comics character with the same superpowers as someone from Krypton, because he’s from a very similar planet named Daxam. That’s my guess, because Mon-El shows up in the credits for Season 2, played by Chris Wood.

Runaways Get a Home! Every teenager thinks their parents are supervillains. What if they really were? That was the premise of “Runaways,” a Marvel Comics series created by Brian K. Vaughn (“Y: The Last Man”) and Adrian Alphona (“Ms. Marvel”) in 2003. It’s now coming to the streaming service Hulu. In that first comics series, teens discover that their parents — four sets of them — make up a supervillain organization called the Pride, which runs all crime in Los Angeles. So naturally, the kids team up and run away. And naturally, several of them develop superpowers, as well. Which is a good thing, because their parents very much want to find them — and are not happy.