– including Minnesota – and American Samoa vote in Super Tuesday’s primaries and caucuses. By Wednesday, crucial questions should be answered: Is Donald Trump unstoppable? Will Hillary Clinton sweep the South? Who will score an upset? Here’s a preview:

Alabama Primary, both parties

Republicans skew conservative; Rick Santorum won 2012 primary, Mike Huckabee in 2008. Sen. Ted Cruz won a key straw poll Feb. 20. Hillary Clinton banks on black voters.


Alaska Republican caucuses

Mainstreamers do well here; Mitt Romney won primaries in 2008 and 2012. Polls show Donald Trump ahead with Sen. Ted Cruz second. Democrats caucus March 26.

American Samoa Democratic caucuses

Four superdelegates already are pledged to Hillary Clinton. Six more will be chosen at caucuses, but Samoans — U.S. nationals, not citizens — can’t vote in presidential elections.


Arkansas Primary, both parties

Hillary Clinton was the state’s first lady for 12 years, has the backing of its five superdelegates. Sen. Ted Cruz and Sen. Marco Rubio hope to beat Donald Trump here; Cruz has a shot.

Colorado Caucuses, both parties

Hillary Clinton has racked up star-power endorsements, but there’s grass roots passion for Sen. Bernie Sanders. Republicans will caucus, but won’t choose delegates.


Georgia Primary, both parties

Donald Trump leads in polls but might not score a blowout. Where will Ohio Gov. John Kasich win? Not here; he’s in last place. Hillary Clinton has a big lead over Sen. Bernie Sanders.

Massachusetts Primary, both parties

Polls suggest a win for Donald Trump, with Ohio Gov. John Kasich and Florida Sen. Marco Rubio competing for second. Hillary Clinton has a slight edge over Sen. Bernie Sanders.


Minnesota Caucuses, both parties

Democrats have worked the state hard; Sen. Bernie Sanders thinks a victory is possible. Donald Trump hasn’t campaigned here, but his momentum could propel him to a win.

Oklahoma Primary, both parties

Sen. Bernie Sanders drew big crowds here and has a chance at an upset. Sen. Marco Rubio has overtaken Sen. Ted Cruz and could finish second, but Donald Trump has a comfy lead.


Tennessee Primary, both parties

Early GOP voting set a record, perhaps a sign of Bible Belt support for Donald Trump. Sen. Bernie Sanders hasn’t campaigned in the state and polls show Hillary Clinton crushing him.

Texas Primary, both parties

The biggest delegate prize so far. This is Sen. Ted Cruz country, and he should thump Donald Trump. Polls say Hillary Clinton, who wooed Hispanics, leads Sen. Bernie Sanders.


Vermont Primary, both parties

Hillary Clinton might be surging elsewhere, but she won’t win Sen. Bernie Sanders’ home state. Donald Trump holds a two-to-one margin over his competitors in the Republican contest.

Virginia Primary, both parties

Gov. Terry McAuliffe is a longtime Hillary Clinton ally, giving her an edge among Democrats. Donald Trump leads on the Republican side, but he has high unfavorable ratings.


Wyoming Republican caucuses

The GOP has a long nominating process that starts with precinct caucuses but doesn’t wrap up until the state party convention in April. Democratic caucuses are on April 9.