My stupid Super Bowl prediction:

Six reasons why I’m picking the Rams, 29-27…

  1. While I don’t see either defense dominating, I think Aaron Donald makes one or two big plays.

  2. Belichick’s genius will be at least somewhat offset by the Rams’ Sean McVay and Wade Phillips.

  3. Todd Gurley has to be much healthier than he was two weeks ago and a combination of him and C.J. Anderson should give the Rams a lot of manageable downs. Goff is not good under pressure but is very good when using play-action. The play-action game should be available to him today.

  4. Goff did not play all that well during the second half of the season but played extremely well at New Orleans in the NFC title game in the second half. If he can handle that noise and pressure, he should be able to handle a lesser defense at a neutral site.

  5. You have to be fearless to beat the Patriots. The Eagles were last year, as Doug Pederson called the Philly Special near the goalline. McVay does not coach scared. Neither does Phillips.

  6. The Rams have more talent and the Patriots are a couple of plays from having a five-game Super Bowl losing streak.

My favorite quote of Super Bowl week, from Rams cornerback Aqib Talib, who also played for Bill Belichick and the Patriots:

``The key to being a head coach in the NFL is leadership. If you’re not a leader, it doesn’t matter what else you do, you will lose the team, lose the lockerroom and get fired. These guys, McVay and Belichick, are leaders.’’