Until last month, Super America hadn’t accepted competitors’ gasoline coupon for years. But if you collect the gas coupons for 5 to 7 cents off a gallon from Holiday, Kwik Trip and others in the Star Tribune and weekly newspapers, SA stations now accept them. Even better, SA will double the coupon amount on Tuesdays. Most of the 233 SA stations in the state will accept competitors’ coupons, but a few franchised locations may not. Why the change? New ownership. Super America stations were sold by Marathon Petroleum to Connecticut-based Northern Tier Energy in December.



Most Holiday and Kwik Trip stations also accept competitors’ coupons, but they do not match SA’s “Terrific Tuesday” deal. You can also sign up to receive coupons via e-mail at holiday station stores. Need a coupon for 5 cents off per gallon now? Click here.