The 3-2 pitch

three observations ...

• Boston already has a dangerous offense. If the starters are going pitch like they have over the past two weeks, the Red Sox could be set up for a deep playoff run.

• To whoever takes over the Twins, a high priority needs to be placed on solidifying the catcher position. Game-calling, stolen base prevention and pitch-framing must take precedence over offense.

• The Ryan Howard era will quietly end in Philadelphia next week. The once-feared slugger, who deteriorated over the past five seasons, will make the last of his $25 million this year, then will be bought out for $10 million over the offseason.

...and two predictions

• The injury-plagued Mets won’t have enough horses to last long in the playoffs, if they make them. Now lefthander Steven Matz has had a setback with his shoulder.

• Brian Dozier will finish with 45 home runs. He won’t win the home run title but will hit more homers than any second baseman in a season.