Starting this Sunday, beer lovers can stop in a St. Paul taproom or brewpub and take home fresh craft brews in their growlers.

The capital city this weekend joins Minneapolis, Duluth and a growing list of other Minnesota cities that allow the Sunday sale of the 64-ounce refillable jugs, in line with a new state law that lets cities decide whether to permit Sunday growler sales.

The same law included the so-called “Bloody Mary bill,” permitting restaurants to sell drinks on Sunday starting at 8 a.m., or two hours earlier than before.

But the Legislature didn’t budge on Sunday liquor sales, which remain illegal in Minnesota.

The St. Paul City Council in late May approved the measure, which takes effect in the city Sunday.

“We’re really looking forward to it,” said Thom Foss, co-owner of Burning Brothers Brewing, which operates a popular Midway area taproom. “Even this past Sunday, we had to turn away a dozen people that wanted to fill their growlers.”

Growlers are half-gallon glass jugs that are filled from the tap, and can be washed and reused. They’re descended from the pails and buckets that people once used to carry draft beer home from the brewery.

Other St. Paul brewers that will sell growlers on Sunday include Flat Earth and Sidhe on the East Side, Great Waters and Tin Whiskers downtown, and Urban Growler in St. Anthony Park.

Minneapolis and Duluth began allowing Sunday growler sales in mid-June, with Minneapolis breweries reporting steady traffic on the first Sunday of sales.

Other Minnesota cities that have launched Sunday growler sales include Montgomery, Rochester and Shakopee.