Maybe you’ve heard the rumblings — Summit is getting ready to release a new batch of beers in the coming months. And I’m not talking about the occasional Unchained Series (although, there’s a new one of those too).

In April, the St. Paul brewery will introduce Summer Ale, a Kölsch-inspired brew made to be sipped on a hot afternoon. The seasonal beer will replace Summit’s Hefe Weizen (which debuted in 1993). Bigger news: In May, the brewery will release Summit Saga (great name!), its first new year-round beer since Horizon Red Ale. Summit Saga is considered a West Coast IPA, inspired by the hop-forward Summit 25th Anniversary beer. The beer sounds intense: made with rare New Zealand Rakau hops. It’s said to have notes of kiwi, passion fruit, apricot and gooseberry.

Stay tuned for more details on these two beers.

To tide beer fans over, Summit will release its next small-batch Unchained beer, Dunkel Weizen, on March 5. Release parties are scheduled for Hell’s Kitchen (March 6) and The Hole Sports Lounge (March 8).

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(Photo by Kyndell Harkness)

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