UPDATED June 4, 2015: Minnesota's Largest Candy store opens Sunday, June 7 for the 2015 season! ENJOY!


Memorial Weekend came and went and as of today, we're on summer break around here. School's out for summer!

While it felt like summer would never come after what was the longest winter ever followed by the least spring-like spring ever. But at last the sun is shining, Minnesotans have pulled out their shorts and swimsuits and we are kicking off three months of fun.

We start the summer wide open with possibilities of what we really want to do and see and where we want to go and while sitting at the pool or the park is great fun, there are always a few extra special activities or events that are on our summer bucket list. 

First up, Minnesota's Largest Candy Store in Jordan which opens for the season on June 7.

Perhaps you've seen the bright yellow building on the side of 169 as you've travelled to the Minnesota Renaissance Festival or towards Mankato. We stopped in last summer on one of those 100 degree days needing a little change of pace.

The novelty store carries every sort of candy one can imagine.  From current candy favorites to classics you can never find anymore, to licorice galore and European favorites, you'll never see so many candies in one place again.

Prices range from just a quarter on up and there is some pricey candy to choose from. When we went we gave our kids each a $5 budget and they still managed to each fill a bag of goodies.

There are also many sodas and rootbeers to choose from, many of which come in old fashioned glass bottles.

Fresh baked apple pies and other goodies are right on site too. Bacon lovers? Don't miss their bacon flavored everything. An entire section devoted to bacon.

If you even have an inkling of a sweet tooth you really can't go wrong visiting this little big specialty store. It's a fun little jaunt from the metro area and yet something different enough to keep kids happy. It’s a whimsy, funny, touristy store and not the same old, same old.

Minnesota's Largest Candy Store is a little behind the times in the way that they do not have a website, rarely answer the phone and only accept cash. They are only open seasonally as well. When they open for the summer on JUNE 7 daily hours are 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. 

Have you been to Minnesota's Largest Candy Store? What did you buy?

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