About 30 demonstrators from Students for a Democratic Society briefly disrupted the U’s Board of Regents meeting Friday before leaving peacefully when threatened with arrest.

The protesters read a list of grievances against President Eric Kaler, ranging from tuition hikes to failing to cede to demands to “declare our campus a sanctuary” for undocumented immigrants. In a statement, the group said it was demanding Kaler’s removal as president, citing his handling of the sexual harassment case against former Athletic Director Norwood Teague, ethical violations in the medical school and his support of the free speech of people who wrote anti-Muslim slogans on a wall.

The group had announced the protest in advance, and the U had stepped up security, with members of the University police standing at the ready to escort them out.

When ordered to leave, the protesters filed out, chanting, “What do we want? Fire Kaler.” They left wearing party hats, throwing confetti and playing the song ‘Celebration.’

The Regents, who abruptly called a recess when the protest began, reconvened shortly after.