Pro Football Focus has become somewhat of a football statistics bible. Just like any sacred text, though, that can mean two different things to those who read it: Some treat it as the definitive final word on everything, while others believe it is more open to interpretation.

With that as a windup, there are some very interesting grades from PFF as they pertain to Vikings cornerbacks this season. This is only through two games — an exceedingly small sample size — but the grades deviate from what the eye test and overall narrative have suggested this season.

Out of 106 cornerbacks ranked, four of them play for the Vikings. They go, in order: Mackensie Alexander, Terence Newman, Xavier Rhodes and Trae Waynes. The two stunners in that mix: Alexander, at No. 29 overall with a very solid 79.1 rating, is rated the top Vikings corner. And Rhodes, with a dreadful 44.0 rating, is 81st out of 106.

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