A dog that was allegedly stolen from the St. Paul Animal Humane Society on Wednesday by a man using an altered ID was returned to the shelter Friday afternoon.

Zach Nugent, an agency spokesman, said that Ace, a 10-month-old black and white pit bull mix, is “safe and sound.”

Ace went missing after a man signed him out to go for a walk, a common practice meant to allow potential adopters to bond with a dog. The Humane Society allows guests the privilege if they leave an ID with employees. The suspect left an ID inside a wallet held together with duct tape. Nugent said the man told employees that he couldn’t take the ID out because the wallet would fall apart.

When he didn’t return about an hour later, employees checked the ID and found that the man had taped a photo of himself over an ID belonging to someone else.

Police spokesman Steve Linders said Friday that there have been no arrests, but that investigators identified a suspect and are working on the case.

Ace will be available for adoption after passing medical and behavioral evaluations, Nugent said.

“He seems to be in good shape — healthy and happy,” he said.