Lovers Benedick (Taylor Evans) and Beatrice (Anna Hermanson) have more than the battle of the sexes to deal with in a physically-distant "Much Ado About Nothing" in Stillwater. /Zephyr Theatre

There's been no live theater for months but this weekend hungry theatergoers have a choice of at least two shows: Zephyr Theatre in Stillwater presents St. Croix Shakespeare Company's "Much Ado About Nothing," while Minnesota Jewish Theatre's "25 Questions for a Jewish Mother" continues.

"Much Ado" will be particularly interesting in the six-feet-apart age, since it's a romantic comedy that ends with just about everyone getting married, or as Zephyr teases, "How do you fall in love, deceive each other, and get married from six feet apart and never touching?"

To find out, you'll need to head to Zephyr's outdoor stage in Stillwater. Parties will be seated at least six feet apart and masks are recommended outdoors (they're required indoors, where refreshments will be available). Seating is provided, or you can bring your own chair or blanket. Admission is free but box seats can be reserved in advance at the theagter's website. "Much Ado" runs Aug. 22-30.