A new Kodak-branded Smartphone Photography Kit gives you a nice choice of accessories to help make your smartphone photography more efficient and fun with better results. The multipurpose kit comes travel-ready in a hard case and includes a two-in-one lens with an ultrawide and macro, a tripod, remote shutter and portrait light.

The lens clips over the existing lens on your smartphone and it's easy to take on or off and switch between the two. The wide-angle lens is 18mm wide with a 100-degree angle of view, which helps when you're taking a group photo or you want to include more of an area in a selfie. The macro lens lets you get closer to what you're photographing, making your images a lot more interesting.

The portrait light gives you a small amount of light to brighten up faces when there's just not enough available light. It works with the rear and front-facing camera and is nice to have with you for changing light conditions.

The compact 8-inch tripod can be used for both horizontal and vertical images and includes a detachable Bluetooth remote shutter. Your smartphone is held in a spring-loaded bracket on the tripod. Setting up the remote shutter is like pairing any other Bluetooth device and the top of the tripod has a 90-degree tilting ball head to let you get any angle needed for an image.

A lens pouch and a USB charging cable for the light are also included.

The Kodak accessories are produced by Eye Caramba Ltd.

kodak.com, $69.99