This year the MN DNR opened the Lake Sturgeon fishing State wide including all border waters to catch and release fishing. The WI DNR as agreed to do the same although their process takes a little longer, it should be open next year. This will make it less confusing on the border waters like the Mississippi and St Croix Rivers. As it sits now, we can only fish the MN waters on the Mississippi. The St Croix is a little more complicated as the MN/WI catch and keep season is open through the end of September then it's catch and release on both side until the middle of the month. The WI side closes completely however the MN side will stay open until March for catch and release fishing. I'm really looking forward to next year when the States are aligned! (I would recommend checking the laws for the water you're fishing)

The St Croix is a growing fishery for Lake Sturgeon just a bit East of the Metro area. It's been the only place a person could target Sturgeon beside the 8 hour drive to Lake of the Woods. But now with the DNR's blessing we also have the Mississippi River that's been the hidden gem. The area I fish is the fabled walleye/sauger fishery of Pool 4, below the Red Wing dam. 

Each year the walleyes migrate down into Lake Pepin and this give the Sturgeon fisherman the whole river to themselves, well maybe there's a few other Sturgeon boats out, but seldom if ever will there be more they 5 to 10 boats out fishing. Day or night. 

If you want to have some fun fishing for the States Largest fish pick up some gear or borrow a friends muskie rods, a few dollars worth of terminal tackle and some crawlers and get into some rod bending action. 

Here's Carley Harcey and Paige Dowd Skelly to give you a taste of the ear to ear smile a Sturgeon will put on your face. Just try not to laugh. Bet you can't do it! 

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Sturgeon Fishing 101 or Catch, Kiss and Release.

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